Top 10 Most Popular Diamond Shapes

Top 10 Most Popular Diamond Shapes

Diamonds are available in a wide range of forms. Although the round diamond, often known as a brilliant cut diamond, is the most popular. One of the most significant aspects of shopping for engagement rings or other fine jewelry is deciding on the diamond shape. The following is a description of each shape.

Round Diamond

The round brilliant cut maintains the definite value due to its flawless and timeless looks. Diamond cutters have been working with this cut for hundreds of years to optimize its brightness and fire. There are 57 facets in a round diamond, often known as a "round brilliant cut." It is the most common and popular diamond cut. Round cut diamonds are superior to princess cut diamonds when all other factors are equal. Round shape is very popular because of its brilliant cut. Fancy shapes prices are average 30% - 40% less then round.

Heart Diamond

The “heart cut” is the quintessential romantic cut. The heart diamond is a variant of the traditional round diamond. It has a total of 59 facets. A heart-shaped stone is one of the most complex diamond cuts to manufacture, requiring great expertise and skill from the diamond cutter. The modified brilliant-cut heart-shaped diamond is a one-of-a-kind and often used in solitaire pendants and rings.

Princess Diamond

With its lovely square shape, the "princess cut" is also extremely popular. Its brilliance rivals that of a round diamond, which is why it is frequently used in engagement rings. Princess-cut diamonds have a very distinct tint. These 49 brilliant-cut faceted diamonds are a fantastic match for any piece of jewelry.

Cushion Diamond

The "cushion cut" is a popular and trendy diamond shape. It is square or rectangular in shape, with rounded corners and big facets that enhance the overall stone's brightness. The cushion-shaped diamond, also known as a pillow-cut diamond, is a classic cut that gets its name from its pillow-like form.

Emerald Diamond

The "emerald cut" is a highly attractive, less common cut that is formed of rectangular stages with 57 facets. The step cuts in the pavilion and the broad open table give the emerald cut diamond its distinct appearance. When looking into a step-cut diamond from a table, the facets run parallel to one other, giving the stone a staircase impression, as if the steps were going down.

Pear Diamond

With 57 facets, the "pear cut" has a pleasing form. It's a popular cut that combines the "brilliant round" and "marquise" cuts. The pear shape diamond (also known as a drop cut or teardrop diamond) is cut to seem like a drop of water with a single point and rounded end, exuding elegance. The "pear cut" is often used as a pendant as well.

Oval Diamond

Oval Cut is a modified round diamond, consisting of 55 facets. As a result, if it's well-cut, it can achieve a high level of brightness. The oval diamond is a combination of round and marquise shapes. The oval cut might appear larger than a round diamond of same carat weight due to its elongated shape (weight

Radiant Diamond

The “radiant cut” is a rectangular-shaped diamond, with cut corners and made up of 70 facets. The proportions and facets of the “radiant cut” highlight this diamond and intensify its sparkle. The radiant cut diamond is the first rectangular cut to have a complete brilliant-cut facet pattern applied to both the crown and pavilion, creating a vibrant and lively diamond.

Asscher Diamond

An octagonal-shaped diamond with 74 facets is known as an "asscher cut." It is square and similar in size to the emerald cut. The “asscher cut” diamond reflects light better and is hence brighter than the emerald cut due to its proportions. Asscher diamonds are distinguished by their distinctively angled and cut corners, which give them a timeless appearance.

Marquise diamond

The "marquise" or "navette" cut is made up of 55 facets and has a long oval form with tapered ends. It has a great degree of brightness and light reflection. The beautifully pointed ends of the elongated Marquise stone provide a dramatic beauty to the piece. If put in a jewellery piece with side diamonds, marque shape diamonds work nicely as centre stones.

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