What is a fancy color diamond?

What Is A Fancy Color Diamond?

Normal color diamonds vary from colorless to light yellow and are pronounced D-to-Z color-grading. Fancy color diamonds are yellow and brown diamonds with color that extends beyond the Z range. Diamonds falling off from D to Z are usually called Fancy Color Diamonds or Fancy Diamonds. Fancy color diamonds have been branded around the world and throughout time as the most attractive and most beautiful thing on planet that makes you feel different from others. Natural color diamonds are extremely rare, compared to regular diamonds. Fancy color diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow – Blue, purple, violet, red, green, yellow, gray white, black but the most expensive are the pink diamonds.

Fancy color diamonds are also divided into 2 categories.

01 Natural Colored Diamonds

02 Treated Colored Diamonds


01 Natural Fancy Color Diamond

The natural spectrum of colors is so diverse that every natural fancy color diamond is exclusively spectacular and expressive in a variety of different ways. Popular colors include yellow, blue, green, violet and the rarest of all – the eye-catching pink & red diamonds. These colors, collectively with their sparkle and rarity, make fancy color diamonds an extremely desirable addition to any jewelry collection.

02 Treated Colored Diamond

Diamonds that were mined like the regular diamonds, but their attributes were artificially enhanced to get a better-looking diamond. The purpose of treating natural diamonds is to preciously improve their quality by changing one or several of their characteristics, thereby increasing their value. Such treatments generally target color and purity.

When a diamond is exposed to a source of radiation, the location of atoms inside the crystal lattice changes, which will cause its color to change. This method applies to make different kind of colors. Color enhanced by this technique called treated color diamonds & laboratory mentioned "treated" in certificate as well.

Natural Color Diamonds

Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Pink, Purple, Orange, Black, Violet, Gray, Brown, Champagne, Cognac, Chameleon.

Glorious Diamonds would like to update about GIA grading scale for color diamonds. There are 8 different categories

  • 01 Faint
  • 02 Very Light
  • 03 Light
  • 04 Fancy Light
  • 05 Fancy
  • 06 Fancy Intense,
  • 07 Fancy Vivid
  • 08 Fancy Deep

Blue Diamond

Color is divided into three components in gemology: Hue, saturation, and tone. Blue diamond’s occur in hues category from green-blue to gray-blue, with the primary hue necessarily being blue. Blue diamonds are still found in the Argyle mine and in Borneo, the only mine that produced straight blue diamonds, in South Africa, has closed. Because of their rarity these stones have become an excellent investment.

Blue diamonds can appear as a Faint Blue, Very Light Blue, Light Blue, Fancy Light Blue, Fancy Blue, Fancy Deep Blue, and Fancy Vivid Blue. In the event of a secondary hue, a Fancy Dark intensity is also possible.

Yellow Diamond

Yellow diamonds are formed in the same manner as white diamonds are - by intense heat and pressure in the deep earth. Yellow diamonds' exclusive color comes from the presence of nitrogen in their composition. The nitrogen molecules absorb blue light, making the stone a yellow shade. Depending on the amount of nitrogen, a yellow diamond could range from light to dark

The diamond color normally goes from D to Z. As the letter is nearer to Z, it means that the diamond is less colorless and starts to be a bit yellowish in tone, a pale-yellow shade. This degrades the diamond and their prices decrease as you get closer to Z.

However, at a particular point, if you continue on the color grade, the color doesn't appear as a faded yellow and instead becomes an attractive yellow color - this is the point when the price increases again and the diamond is considered a most expensive yellow diamond.

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Brown Diamond

Brown diamonds are attractive because of their numerous color hues and low pricing. Natural Color diamond comes in a range of colors, with brown being the most common. Brown diamonds availability is around 15% - 18% of entire production. Because of the darkness in sparkle, the brown tint makes brown diamond very unique. Brown diamonds are the most commonly mined diamonds in the world. They are also the least expensive of all the fancy colors. The fascinating brown diamond has only gained huge popularity as coffee collection Jewelry in diamond. This was due to the jewelry industry's evolution and the growing demand for colored diamonds.

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Green Diamond

Green Diamonds, the origin of color is very different from other colored stones. It is actually atomic radiation or radioactivity during the diamond’s formation that causes the beautiful green color. If you think about worth & value, green diamonds are very rare. Pure green diamonds which are rarer and most expensive.

Red Diamond

Diamond can be found practically in all colors of the spectrum, with yellow being the most common of all the fancy-colored diamonds. Although all natural fancy-colored diamonds are extremely rare, none are more so than the red diamond. Red color diamonds mostly found in Africa, Australia and Brazil. Red diamonds are so rare that only around twenty to thirty true red diamonds are known to exist and most of them are less than half a carat in size. Natural fancy red diamonds are graded by the intensity of their color and range from dark pink to purplish red. The stronger the hue, the greater the value of the diamond.

Pink Diamond

Pink diamond is one of the most expensive diamonds due to its uniqueness & rarest color. Pink diamonds are among the most popular diamonds along with natural stones of red, and blue colors. As a result of its rarity, as well as its popularity, beauty and high prices, people love to make pink diamond ring. Fancy Vivid Gia certified natural pink diamonds are the most expensive diamonds in the market with prices ranging from 30,000 $ to 100,000 $ per carat, 20 times more than price of white diamonds. The majority of mined pink diamonds originate from a single source in Australia, the Argyle Mine. Argyle Pink Diamonds are most expensive on planet due to the very limited supply. Glorious buyers always buy Glorious Diamonds. Do you like pink diamond, visit at www.gloriousdiamonds.net

Purple Diamond

A purple diamond is a lavish colored diamond with a purple or violet hue. Natural purple diamonds, the color is the result of an unusually high presence of hydrogen. In the case of purple diamonds, which are mainly recognized for their rare unique color, they are sometimes named orchid diamonds, violet diamonds, lilac diamonds, plum diamonds, lavender diamonds & grape diamonds. Purple color has long been related with royal family and honor, as only kings could afford purple diamond. It's no wonder that purple diamonds are in extraordinary demand. Purple diamond gives glorious looks to diamond ring.

Orange Diamond

Fancy orange diamonds are some of nature's most beautiful abnormalities. Nitrogen is the main source of the natural orange colour, similarly like yellow diamond. Root cause behind the creation of orange diamond is nitrogen atoms that must be in grouped a hyper-specific way while the diamond is forming. Most of the orange diamonds are located in one of two countries : the Argyle mine of Australia or South Africa.

Diamond lab evaluate diamonds and provide 7 natural colors category of natural fancy orange diamonds. 7 colors in ascending order are Faint Orange, Very Light Orange, Light Orange, Fancy, Fancy Intense Orange, Fancy Vivid Orange and Fancy Deep Orange. Fancy vivid orange & fancy deep orange are the most popular preferred hues.

Black Diamond

If you mean to inquire if there are diamonds that are black in color then the reply is absolutely - black diamonds are genuine. There are 2 forms of black diamonds: natural black diamonds, and treated black diamonds. Both are genuine diamonds.

Natural black diamonds get their color from clouds of mineral inclusions. Natural-black diamonds typically are completely opaque, with a high luster. Artificial irradiation of off-color diamonds can also produce a green so dark the diamond appears black.

Black diamonds are white colorless diamonds with a large number of inclusions (piques) that are uniformly distributed throughout the stone, giving the diamond the appearance of being black. According to Glorious Diamonds, lots of inquiries from new engaged couple who willing to make engagement ring. On other hand exporters are getting huge orders of black diamond jewelry.

Violet Diamond

The Violet color looks as a combination of light blue diamond mixed with light purple diamond, even though it is a color in its own right, and appear in unique hues and intensity. Some of the world's violet diamonds found at Argyle Mine in Western Australia. There is no comparison of diamond price in market.

Gray Diamond

Gray diamonds are thought to form when high levels of barium & hydrogen come into contact with during their development. The interaction with these components causes the stone's structure resulting in a variety of gray hues and intensities.

The color saturation of most gray diamonds is low. Consider a colorless diamond with an ora, or bluish metallic twist.

Australia, South Africa, India, Russia, and Brazil are all well-known for their fancy gray diamonds. While the Argyle mine in Australia is very popular for its pink diamonds, it also produces gray diamonds, mainly the delicate & fine gray thyme known as Silvermist gray diamonds.

Grey diamonds are one of the more uncommon diamond colors than yellow and blue diamonds. Value of gray diamond doesn’t reflect in its price. Grey diamonds are unusual but not as sought after as more popular colored diamonds. As a result, while the supply of grey diamonds is limited, the demand is equally limited.

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Champagne Diamond

Champagne diamonds is purely an informal term for brown diamonds with a minor tone of yellow. Diamonds that resemble the shade of Champagne. The intensity of the yellow can be faint or strong and same goes about the overall intensity of the color.

Here are few examples of color grading from the GIA certificate: fancy light-yellow brown, fancy yellow brown, and so on. Yellowish would be used in its place of yellow for a lighter shade of yellow.

The GIA descriptions listed above are rarely translated into the champagne diamond color chart. A chart ranging from C1 to C7, with C1 indicating the lightest color champagne diamond and C7 representing the darkest. C1 diamond is a top light brown diamond, not a fancy colored diamond. This refers to a white diamond with a brownish tinge. These are diamonds that are not in high demand and are therefore very inexpensive. C2 diamonds are already gaining color and becoming more yellowish.

Cognac Diamond

What exactly are Cognac Diamonds? Brown diamonds are also recognized as cognac diamonds. Cognac diamonds, on the other hand, are darker and deeper browns with a deep orange hue, as contrasting to champagne diamonds, which have a tint of yellow in them.

Cognac diamonds are an one forth price of white diamonds, making these little beauties both reasonable and attractive to the eye. So, if you're looking for a great alternative to the "normal" diamond, they might be just what you're looking for.

Chameleon Diamond

Chameleon diamonds are usually grayish yellowish green to grayish greenish yellow under normal conditions. However, when heated or exposed to light after continued storage in the dark - a remarkable color conversion appears. Chameleon diamonds change from an intense brownish or orange yellow to a yellow color for a short period of time.

After only few minutes of exposure to an ultraviolet light, some of these astonishing-colored diamonds changed color for more than 15 minutes. Some phosphoresce, or emit a yellow glow, for up to an hour afterward the light source is turned off.

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