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Natural diamond


What is natural diamond?

Natural Diamonds are formed with different shapes composed of carbon’s atoms. Natural diamonds are created by nature, as a result of intense heat and pressure, formed over the course of billions of years.

Once a natural diamond has been created in these underground conditions, it travels via molten rock to the earth’s surface, where it is mined, refined, and turned into beautiful jewelry or used for industrial purposes.

How much is a carat natural diamond?

A carat of natural diamond price basically calculates based on the characteristics of the natural diamond. In fact, most buyers normally buy the natural diamond after it is polished and cut. In every natural diamond price calculation, the 4Cs are the based factors to be calculated, including the carat, cut, clarity and color of the natural diamond.

Considering the natural diamond is the best diamond in world. In general, a natural diamond price for a carat costs from $1000 upto $15000. On the other hands, the natural diamond price could be lower than standard based on the promotion discount from the sellers.

Professionals first scrutinise the colour of the diamond because the buyers are after the sparkle and lustre of the diamond. Therefore, colour is one of the factors that professionals look into first when pricing the diamond.

Is a natural diamond a real diamond?

Natural and lab grown diamonds are considered to be both diamonds, the only difference between both processes are that one is naturally grown which takes several million years to form and the other takes a few weeks in a lab to form into compressed carbon.

The result still comes down to the consumer of the buyer, which type they would pick between naturally grown or lab grown diamond.

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