What is the Rapaport Price in diamond market?

Rapaport Price

The Rapaport Price List is a worldwide standard that diamond dealers use to set pricing in all of the major marketplaces.

What is the Rapaport Price in diamond market?

Martin Rapaport, a New York diamond broker, published a list of wholesale round diamond prices & pear diamond price ( Pear refer to fancy shapes ) based on the GIA grading standards. It is a standard diamond price list issue on each Friday. Martin Rapaport's Price List is considered as the most reputable source in the industry since 1980. Martin Rapaport's success was his effective organizational abilities as well as his reliable sources of knowledge about the international diamond market.

Your Rapaport Diamond Price List subscription allows you access to the Rapaport Price List, which includes diamond values depending on size, colour, and clarity. The Price List is updated weekly on Thursdays at 11:59 p.m. EST and reflects global diamond market developments. It act as a reference, educating diamond buyers and sellers about current diamond pricing trends. Rap is also used by diamond retailers to adjust their prices to suit current market prices.

Dealers will have access to much more details than what is merely on the list in order to determine how much of a discount should be applied to diamonds with certain attributes.

Which Diamonds does the Rapaport refer to?

The Rapaport Price List publishes the market worth of well-cut and precisely graded diamonds that are often sold and exchanged. For all clarities except SI3, GIA grading standards are utilized to identify the gems.

What is the purpose of the Rapaport List?

Both sellers and buyers use the Rapaport Price List as a guideline for approximate diamond pricing. It's simply Rapaport's opinion on cash asking prices. These are the market trend & sentiment prices at which the majority of traders are willing to sell. Although the list prices are frequently higher than the real selling prices of dealers, Rapaport price list is a basic guideline.

The Rapaport lists diamonds created on 3 main aspects, first is diamond carat weight, second is diamond clarity, and third is diamond color. Diamonds are first separated into grid tables based on carat weight. In these grid tables.

How do I read the Rapaport?

Color grading is listed from D to M in rows, and columns list indicate each Clarity Grade. Prices are stated to the nearest $10 for sizes under 1/3 carat. A price of 6.4, for example, should be understood as $640 per carat. Carat sizes bigger than 1/3 carat are priced to the closest $100 per carat. A price of 95, for example, should be understood as $9,500 per carat. Prices that have risen since the previous pricing sheet are highlighted in bold. Prices that have decreased are in italic bold.

When buying a diamond in a store, the price you'll be given is usually based on a percentage of the Rapaport pricing. In some circumstances, you'll get a price that's 5% lower or even lower than Rapaport, but in others, you'll get the full amount or even a greater price than the list. The percentage offered varies each diamond vendor, depending on market conditions and the value of the diamond.

What Are Rapaport Prices, How Should I Use Them?

  • • Price lists for both round and pear-shaped diamonds are available with the Pears price list serving as a guide for all fancy shapes.
  • • All prices are in US dollars and reflect Rapaport's opinion on diamond prices based on research, analysis, and methodology in order to correctly reflect prices in the diamond markets.
  • • High Cash Asking Prices are reflected in the prices in this report. High Cash Asking Prices are the asking prices that a seller would always be willing to accept in cash if the transaction was for a single diamond.
  • • Cash meaning no credit, memo, return or other terms
  • • This is not the same as the purchase price.
  • • Price Sheets are updated every Thursday midnight NY time.

The prices are determined using actual diamonds for sale and do not include any opinions, analysis, smoothing, or data structuring.

Round Price List

  • • This list applies to both round diamonds and fancy cut diamonds.

Pear Price List

  • • Other fancy shapes are frequently priced using the Pear Price List as a guideline.
  • • There is no other fancy diamond shape is on the list.

Parcel Price List

  • • On the Rapaport Price List, diamonds sized 0.01-0.29 are commonly sold as Parcels, hence their values follow the Parcel prices.
  • • The Rapaport Parcel Price List is issued monthly in PDF format and gives up-to-date pricing information on the cost of diamond parcels in the Indian market.
  • • It reflects the costs for non-certified parcels.

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