GIA Diamond (Certificate diamond) : Evaluate diamond price & Grade with yourself 2021

All About GIA Certified Diamond

What GIA diamonds really are?

  • GIA stands for the Gemological Institute of America, non-profit organization about gems. GIA diamond refers to the diamonds graded by GIA and works on research about gems and jewelry with trustable information. GIA provided certificates for gems to ensure the quality of gems.
  • GIA provides the 4Cs functions, one of the functions, to calculate the GIA diamond price. GIA generally works on research about gems and jewelry with trustable information.
  • Are GIA diamonds the best?

  • The 4Cs generally includes 4 factors, consisting Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity. GIA diamond refers to the certified diamond, which positively impacts the GIA diamond price to be increased.
  • The certified diamond typically increases the GIA diamond price to be increased compared to the same quality and cut, the GIA diamond price is higher than uncertified-diamond.
  • Why are GIA graded diamonds worth more?

    GIA diamonds are universally accepted with trust, leading to the demands and reliability in the market. GIA diamonds are graded with satisfying standards among diamond buyers and sellers.

    The certification refers to diamonds reliability and originality. Traders usually consider to trade diamonds with the highest reliability, where GIA diamond certification is included. Once the diamond is graded, the certification is lectured down in details benefits to traders during trading. Getting GIA grades diamonds is effectively worth more than non-graded diamonds.

    Essential reasons why GIA graded diamond worth more:

    • Ensures trading in real diamonds - Certification effectively helps new buyers to ensure they are getting the real diamond.
    • Ensure to get a reasonable diamond price – Helps to calculate the GIA diamond price to make sure you are getting overcharged.
    • Ensure Authenticity - Latest GIA diamond provides all 4Cs details in the diamond report.
    • Easy buying and selling- Provide higher price than non-graded diamonds.

    How much does a Gia certificate cost

    The GIA report lab charges between $150 to $300 for the diamond’s certificate.

    In order to certify your diamond with a GIA report, the cost depends on numerous factors such as the 4Cs factors, the type of diamond certificate, and other features for purchase.

    GIA certificate fees are scheduled into 5 services, including natural D-Z diamonds service, Natural Colored Diamonds service, laboratory-grown diamond service, pearls service and colored stones service.

    Shortly, GIA diamond price basically costs is based on the carats (weight of diamond), type of diamond lab services with add-on and other services you select to apply in certifying diamond.

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