The Truth About Triple Excellent Diamond



"TRIPLE EXCELLENT" refers to diamonds that have received the GIA's highest grading in three categories: Cut, Polish, and Symmetry.


A GIA diamond cut grade is essential for determining how beautifully your round brilliant diamond will sparkle in your gold jewelry. The cut of a diamond is the most complicated of the 4Cs. Let's go through the fundamentals so you can find the ideal round brilliant diamond.

The cut of a round brilliant diamond is graded by GIA based on seven factors - brightness, fire, scintillation, weight ratio, durability, polish, and symmetry. The grade runs from Excellent to Poor.

As a result, the GIA Diamond Cut Grading System was developed, which ranks the cut grade of a round brilliant diamond on a 5-points scale ranging from Excellent to Poor. Here it is EXCELLENT, VERY GOOD, GOOD, FAIR, POOR

EXCELLENT – Excellent

cut diamonds have proportions that allow them to shine with maximum brilliance, luster, fire, and scintillation. Heart & Arrow diamond comes in this cut grade.

VERY GOOD- Most qualities of a Very Good cut diamond are within the Excellent range, but what prevents such a diamond from receiving the highest grade is that few of its measurements are slightly outside the top level which called Excellent grade.
GOOD - Excellent and Very Good diamonds retain and reflect more light than diamonds with a Good cut. Therefore, their brightness, fire and sparkle are not as good. When these diamonds are seen from table, their facets either do not form a discernible and symmetric pattern of dark and shiny spots or they form a pattern which is mainly dark.
FAIR- Fair Cut diamonds offer little sparkle, as the light comes out easily across the bottom and sides of the diamond.
POOR- Poor Cut diamonds give almost no sparkle, luster, brilliance, shine or fire.


The smoothness and quality of the diamond's surface is referred as polish. After a diamond is cut, the craftsman will accomplish the diamond to achieve a smooth, glass-like surface. The quality of this finishing is known as diamond polish. Gemologists, once again, analyze the diamond under 10x magnification glass in order to categorized a diamond’s polish, looking for remnants of imperfections the craftsman may have left behind. Polish is categorized on a scale ranging from EXCELLENT, VERY GOOD, GOOD, FAIR, POOR same as Cut grade.


The arrangement of facets in a polished diamond is referred to as diamond symmetry. A gemologist assessing symmetry will look at numerous aspects of the stone, including, the dimensions and shapes of the facets. The crown and pavilion are aligned. The position of the culet in relation to the table. It is necessary for a diamond to be perfect symmetrical to achieve Excellent grade. Symmetry, like cut grade, is graded on a range of EXCELLENT, VERY GOOD, GOOD, FAIR, POOR same as Cut grade.

Triple Ex diamond is a symbol for round brilliant diamonds that have been graded by GIA as having Excellent cut, Excellent symmetry and Excellent polish.

Fancy shape proportions Gia categorized only in polish and symmetry. Gia does not mention grade the cut description of fancy shapes.

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